Changes to US immigration laws will allow spouses to work

The US is changing its
immigration laws on spouses to attract skilled employees from abroad.

Overseas executives have been
discouraged from taking senior positions in the US because the law prevented
their spouses from having a job, unless they independently qualified for a

Two new laws changing the
Spousal Work Authorisation regulations will allow the married partners of those
employed in the US to get jobs themselves.

Furthermore, large employers
with blanket visa petitions will be able to transfer staff to the US who have
only worked for the company for six months rather than a year.

Julia Onslow-Cole, immigration
partner at law firm CMS Cameron McKenna, said:

“It is vital that businesses
can appoint the right person for key jobs in the US, especially with skills
shortages in executive and IT areas. This new freedom for spouses will
encourage many to take on these jobs.”

Mike Broad

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