Charity begins at home for voluntary sector workforce

rises for charity sector staff averaged 3 per cent in the 12 months to
September 2002, according to the latest research from Croner Reward.

Charity Rewards 2002/03 study of 259 charities shows that despite the increase,
income levels for voluntary workers trail far behind comparators in other
sectors – by up to 25 per cent in some cases.

salaries at all job levels have fallen further behind that of other sectors
since 2001, and the pay differential widens with seniority. But the survey also
shows that at director and head of function level, the highest-paid jobs are in
science, research and engineering. These areas have seen some of the most
significant year-on-year earnings movements.

also finds that the offer of performance-related pay has increased over the
past few years – offered by 15.9 per cent of charities, compared with 13.8 per
cent in 2001.

research also finds that 89.5 per cent of voluntary organisations have
occupational pension schemes, and 41 per cent offer maternity pay above the
statutory minimum.

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