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Which management guru believes that “p****d-off” people change the world? Pat yourself on the back if you said Tom Peters.

The world’s best-known management guru issued a wake-up call to business last year with his book Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age. The book has spawned a training package of the same name which comprises six case studies in video format, plus a workbook for each.

The case studies centre on US companies which have taken risks and done things differently. Peters tops and tails each case study with a descriptive intro and a lessons-to-be-learned outro, and provides the occasional words-of-wisdom link.

Turner Network Television (TNT) is one of the case studies. Chief operating officer Steve Koonin, after conducting customer research, wanted to change TNT from a general entertainment station to one where drama is king. Surprisingly, given his Giant Haystacks physique, Koonin proved he meant business by axing TNT’s most popular programme, professional wrestling.

Koonin and his team talk about the importance of staff involvement and buy-in and the creation of TNT’s We Know Drama brand.

Staff live the brand. Meetings are conducted in drama-like formats, with staff singing, acting and weeping their way through them.

This is good, intones the Great Guru Peters. Why? Because it requires action and risk-taking, and involving everyone.

Peters is very believable as the dispenser of unconventional business wisdom, but some of the video content is too American and gushy for a British audience.

Re-imagine! Business excellence in a disruptive age.
Produced by Enterprise Media, distributed by Video Arts.
Six case studies and workbooks – £1,995.
Sold separately – £295-£395.

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