Cheeky Yank sticks it all on the plastic

This ditty comes from a disciple who has asked to remain anony-mous and serves to remind us in these dark times of mid January that Christmas spirit isn’t really everything it’s cracked up to be.

Dear Guru,

We’ve recently had a new European vice-president for finance join us in the UK. He is American and his ability to spend money (all on his company credit card) has astounded us all (for example, supermarket shopping, laundry, days out at the weekend) – all at the expense of the company. However, his recent actions really took the biscuit. We had our company Christmas cards delivered to send out to customers and clients. This spendthrift, however, used them as his own personal cards and wrote one out to each of his team. They were all dumbstruck.

Guru issues a word of warning to anyone considering this scam. Being a cheapskate he tried the same card trick, but due to an administrative error all staff got a company car instead of card.

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