Chemicals group Dow Corning outsources recruitment to Aon Consulting

Global chemical and technology group Dow Corning expects to save at least 20% on its annual costs after outsourcing its recruitment process

The company has signed a three-year deal with Aon Consulting for a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) package. Aon already provides the company with pensions administration services.

As part of the package, Aon has introduced online job advertising on targeted vacancy boards, and revamped the careers section of the company’s website. This has allowed the company to stop using external recruitment agencies, with only a third of its recruitment budget now allocated to traditional off-line media advertising.

Lyn Evans, UK HR manager at Dow Corning, said: “The introduction of RPO has helped us reinvigorate our branding and make Dow Corning an attractive destination for top talent.

“Aon created a bespoke package that has already reduced the time taken to recruit candidates and significantly increased the talent pool from which to make selections. This is all being achieved with savings in annual recruitment costs of up to 20%.”


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