Childcare costs can be kept to a minimum

After the recent release of the Childcare 2009 statistics from the Daycare Trust it has become evident that the cost of childcare within the UK is rising faster than inflation.

Imagine Co-operative Childcare who sponsored the report issued by the Daycare Trust believes that every parent and child is entitled to affordable care with the highest of standards by using a voucher scheme that is valid with any Ofsted registered childcare provider.

The childcare voucher scheme is a Government initiative which gives employees the option of replacing a proportion of their income with tax free childcare vouchers.

The scheme has been in position for nearly 4 years and allows individuals across the UK to receive up to £243 tax free and NI free each month towards childcare.

The vouchers can be collected by both parents thereby achieving a combined benefit of up to £486 per month through tax and NI relief which, from the recent report, could mean up to a 27% saving on the average monthly cost of £668.

Imagine Co-operative Childcare was the first social enterprise to offer the voucher scheme to companies and in the current climate is a beneficial way for all parents to make the most of the UK childcare system.

Tracy Wilson, Business Services Manager from Imagine commented “The voucher scheme is a great initiative and can really help families cope with ever increasing childcare costs. At Imagine Co-operative Childcare we understand how crucial it is that children receive the highest standard in care.

“Through our research we were amazed at the percentage of employees who were unaware of the voucher scheme and we hope to see more companies introduce the voucher option in the future.”

The Co-operative brand has been trusted by families across the UK for over 150 years and offers a wide variety of services from banking, food, travel and legal services, but it is not widely known that they also provide childcare vouchers and indeed childcare nurseries.

Imagine Co-operative Childcare has six nurseries offering high quality, ethical care and an excellent pre-school experience. The staff team is a well qualified and experienced group creating an environment where children can learn, play and have fun with other children.

Co-operative members also benefit from dividend points on their nursery fees, which pay out a share of profits twice a year.

With 6 nurseries to choose from in the Midcounties region, and with a superb childcare voucher scheme available, why choose anything less for your child? Imagine childcare the way you want it – Imagine Co-operative Childcare! That’s the way it should be.

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