Churchill execs go back to shopfloor

Directors at Churchill Insurance will spend today out of the boardroom
answering phones, sorting mail and selling policies.

All of the directors and managers must spend nine of these "In
Touch" days every year in customer-facing areas to make sure staff
understand the products, deliver the proper level of service and are trained
and motivated.

The chief executive will serve breakfast in the canteen and the finance
director will be in the postroom.

Meanwhile, the managing director will be on the reception desk, the
technical director will take sales calls, and the operations director will work
with the mail distribution service.

Group HR director Marie-Ange Bouchard, who will be answering policyholders’
enquiries, said, "This initiative has been going for years, and is a
powerful tool to see what is really happening with people facing the customers.
It’s a way to check whether things are working the way they should be."

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