CIPD and Australian institute to recognise each others’ membership grades

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) have today announced an agreement enabling mutual recognition for individuals holding corresponding professional grades of membership in either body.

The two bodies said the agreement followed a rigorous mapping exercise of the two sets of professional standards and membership criteria, ensuring the equivalent membership grades are matched.

Peter Cheese, CIPD chief executive, said: “CIPD and AHRI have set equally high professional standards, with common views on what skills and competencies are needed for people working in HR. By signing this mutual recognition agreement, we can assist employers to have confidence in the skills and capabilities of the HR and people development professionals they are hiring to meet these workplace challenges. We will also help our internationally mobile members to demonstrate their professionally accredited skills and capabilities wherever in the world they are working.”

Under the agreement, members joining the corresponding organisation will have their existing credentials recognised, providing access to the equivalent grade of professional membership as follows:

  • an associate of the CIPD (Assoc CIPD) is fully equivalent to a professional member of the AHRI (MAHRI);
  • a chartered member of the CIPD (MCIPD) is fully equivalent to a certified professional of the AHRI (CAHRI); and
  • a chartered fellow of the CIPD (FCIPD) is fully equivalent to a fellow of the AHRI (FAHRI).

AHRI chief executive officer Lyn Goodear said that the reciprocal agreement will facilitate the global mobility of HR professionals: “The time is ripe to develop more common sets of standards for professional HR skills and capabilities that cross borders and are recognised and respected internationally.

“I was delighted, therefore, to sign this agreement with CIPD on behalf of Australian HR practitioners and would see it as a step towards greater collaboration between the two professional bodies in the years to come.”

Members who hold a professional grade of membership in one professional body will need to provide proof of membership and a CV when applying to join the corresponding organisation, and on joining they will then automatically be awarded the equivalent membership grade in the other body. They will then be able to use the appropriate letters after their name. Members will be bound by the respective continuing professional development and codes of professional conduct requirements of the two bodies to ensure adequate standards of knowledge, practice and behaviours are maintained.

CIPD members wishing to secure professional recognition from AHRI under the new agreement should contact [email protected]. AHRI members wishing to secure professional recognition from the CIPD under the new agreement should contact +44 (0)20 8612 6208 or [email protected].

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