CIPD appraisal toolkit aims to make performance reviews more useful

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has introduced an appraisal toolkit.

The guide aims to identify reasons why appraisal training can fail to live up to expectations and provides 35 ideas to help turn performance reviews into a successful management tool.

It also contains techniques aimed at identifying and improving poor performance and making a case for performance appraisals and associated training to senior managers.

Terry Gillen, consultant trainer and author of the Performance Management and Appraisal toolkit, said: “Appraisals should become part of effective and common-sense management.

“Too often appraisal training concerns handling the interview as an event rather than using regular discussions as part of a performance development process.

“In modern knowledge-based organisations performance improvement comes from developing people’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, perspective and relationships rather than simply changing the process they follow.

“This toolkit offers practical advice to help managers understand the need for performance management, communicate and monitor performance expectations effectively and master the craft of giving helpful feedback in order to improve business performance.”

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