CIPD recruited to promote the use of Aesop

The CIPD has been chosen as a member of a cross-industry alliance launched
last week by Chancellor Gordon Brown to promote the use of employee share
ownership in the UK.

The institute is joined by the CBI, the Institute of Directors, the TUC and
the Industrial Society as members of the Employee Share Alliance (ESA), which
will work in partnership with the Government to improve the take up of the All
Employee Share Ownership Plan.

The alliance, formed by non-profit organisations Job Ownership and ProShare,
will host 13 regional roadshows promoting the new share incentive plan.

"The scheme is a great opportunity to improve company results and
reward employees through wider share ownership all with the help of the taxman.
Its flexibility means it has mass appeal which is why so many key organisations
back it," said Peter Kenyon, executive director of the ESA.

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