CIPD sets up legislation taskforce

CIPD has set up a taskforce to consult on the implementation of upcoming
information and consultation legislation.

consultation for the EU directive, which establishes a framework where
businesses have to inform and consult with employees before making certain
decisions, is to start this summer. The directive must be introduced into UK
law before 2005.

taskforce, chaired by executive director of Corus Allan Johnston, has been set
up to consult with the Government because the CIPD fears legislation may not be

taskforce will also act as a steering committee for research conducted by
Glasgow University on behalf of the institute.

Sinclair, lead adviser on public policy at the CIPD, said: "The directive
poses a challenge to UK organisations. It is important that the new law is
workable for all sizes and sectors of business.

input from the taskforce will play a critical role in ensuring that the CIPD’s
recommendations to the Government reflect real business concerns."

members of the taskforce include former Socpo president Rita Sammons, Gareth
Hadley, director of personnel at the prison service, and personnel director at
Granada, Philippa Hird.

By Paul Nelson







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