CIPD supports disclosure of directors’ pay

Government has launched plans to expose over-inflated directors’ bonuses by
forcing companies to disclose them in their annual reports.

measures announced by Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers are likely to
become law later this year if Labour win the expected general election.

Page, adviser on reward and employment conditions at the CIPD, said, “These
measures are in the directors’ interest. It will put the onus on employers to
be more transparent about their pay structures.”

shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed about revealing financial information.
Employers do have to justify their salaries to directors.”

proposals on directors’ remuneration were published by the DTI after Government
concerns over fat-cat salaries and directors receiving bonuses, even when their
companies fail to meet performance targets.

the plans, employers will have to publish a remuneration report within their
annual report.

will include a performance share graph that will allow shareholders to see the
link between performance of the company and directors’ pay.

Warman, Vauxhall’s HR director said, “I believe that employers have nothing to
fear from these measures.”

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