City of London told ‘join a trade union’

General Secretary John Monks and Mayor of London Ken Livingstone are leafleting
workers in the City today, urging them to join a trade union to secure their
employment rights.

in London are running an ‘Organise the City’ campaign to raise awareness of
employment rights and increase the profile of trade unions in the City of
London. Dozens of volunteers have given out thousands of advice leaflets to
workers at train stations and targeted workplaces.

claim that bullying and harassment, discrimination, stress, excessive working
hours, wrongly handled redundancies, unequal pay and wrongful deductions from
pay are rife in the City.

said: "The businesses that are successful in the long-term are those that
practice justice, fairness and respect in the workplace. It is no accident that
42 of the top 50 FT companies work closely with trade unions."

said: "I want London to be the home of world class businesses which offer
world class terms and conditions of employment. Our objective must be quality
employment rights and a safe working environment for every worker in London. To
promote efficiency, safety and fairness at work I am pleased to urge every
employer in the City to work closely with trade unions."

By Paul Nelson

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