Civil Service figures show promising diversity levels

Civil Service is starting to increase diversity at the most senior levels of
the department, according to the latest staffing figures.

new figures show that 2.4 per cent of senior Civil Service staff were from an
ethnic minority background, a rise from 2.1 per cent in April 2000. The number
of senior staff with a disability also rose from 1.7 per cent to 2.0 per cent
last year.

addition, Cabinet Office figures for the Civil Service showed that the number
of women in senior posts had risen by 2.6 per cent to 24.2 per cent. Women
occupy 20.2 of the very top posts and there are now four women at permanent
secretary level.

figures also showed a rise in the overall number of employees and represent
some progress towards the diversity targets set for 2004/5.

number of successful ethnic candidates for the Fast Stream system, which
identifies highflyers in the service, has almost doubled from 3.8 in 1998 to
6.8 in 2000.

Cabinet Office has also launched pathways which is targeted at ethnic minority
staff with potential to rise to senior levels.

targets for 2004/5

Women in senior Civil Service, 35 per cent

Women in top 600 posts, 25 per cent

Minority ethnic staff in senior civil service, 3.2 per cent

Disabled staff in senior Civil Service, 3 per cent

By Ross Wigham

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