HR staff happy with their lot – but like to keep moving on

HR professionals are satisfied in their work despite frequently changing
their jobs, according to comprehensive research by Personnel Today and XpertHR.

Over three-quarters of the 3,160 HR managers surveyed in the State of the
Profession report claim that they enjoy their work.

But the research also shows that the HR career structure is becoming more

One-third of respondents anticipate changing their job within the next 12
months. Less than a third can envisage staying with their current employer for
more than five years.

The level of recognition that HR professionals receive for their efforts is
an important determining factor in whether they stay with a firm, claims the
research. The level of support an employer gives to the HR team on a day-to-day
basis is also influential.

While over three-quarters of respondents say that they are loyal to their
organisations, only 10 per cent feel that their efforts are fully recognised by
senior management.

The report finds HR staff are looking to other organisations for support and
recognition, but they do not want to leave the profession as they enjoy the

Mike Emmott, adviser on employee relations at the CIPD, said, "The
figures suggest that the personnel profession is relatively contented and has a
higher than average sense of loyalty to employers.

"But our figures suggest the average tenure with one employer in the UK
is 11 years and personnel is miles away from that figure.

"HR is a mobile occupation and personnel folk change and expect to
change jobs more regularly than their workers."

Only one in five in HR have more than six years’ experience with their
current employer, rising to 29 per cent for those in education and training.
Women are less likely to have long service than men.

By Phil Boucher

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