Civil Service study shows progress in race equality

The Civil Service claims that its ground-breaking staff
research shows that good progress is being made on fairness and equality in its


The diversity study looked at staff perceptions of the Civil
Service as an equal opportunities employer, and the organisation claims it
shows it has achieved higher than average levels of fairness and equality for


But the figures also suggest discrimination against ethnic
minority and disabled staff.


More than a fifth of ethnic minority staff in the Civil
Service believe they have been treated unfairly as a result of their race,
claims the research.


Seventeen per cent of disabled staff say they have been
discriminated against due to their disability, and 20 per cent of staff who are
primary carers say they have been treated unfairly as a result of their


But 71 per cent of civil servants agree that the
organisation is an equal opportunities employer compared to an average of 67
per cent for other public, private and voluntary sector organisations.


Furthermore, 60 per cent of respondents feel they are
treated with fairness and respect, compared with 52 per cent of employees in
other organisations.


Sixty-one per cent feel they can balance their home and
working lives without hindering their career, although 19 per cent do not feel
this is possible.


Sir Richard Wilson, head of the Home Civil Service, said,
"This is ground-breaking research. It shows the Civil Service Reform
Programme is making progress on diversity and is outscoring other public and
private-sector organisations on employee perceptions of fairness and equality.


"Using the findings of this research, we have been working
with every department and agency to develop new and innovative ways of ensuring
fairness and equality for all and making the best use of the diversity of
talent we have in the service."


The Diversity Study was carried out by ORC International and
was sent to 16,484 civil servants. The response rate was just under 50 per


By Katie Hawkins

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