Classroom tool unites learners

Training managers and presenters can now talk with and train employees wherever they are based using HorizonWimba’s web-based learning and interactive communications tool.

Designed to combine the best in both blended and e-learning, it is available in the UK from Productivity4you.

The tools are based on a virtual classroom model and work across all bandwidth levels from standard 56k modems to broadband connections.

OpenCampus is an online interactive classroom which allows you to work with learners synchronously, using audio, video as well as a whiteboard and an instant polling and surveys feature. Eduvoice is an ‘asynchronous’ product and provides a complete set of voice tools for online education and language learning.

The products are a result of a merger in the US last year between HorizonLive and Wimba, leaders in synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools.


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