CLM launches online daily rental service

Fleet management specialist, CLM, has launched a new online daily rental service, Corporate Vehicle Rentals, which is intended to take the stress out of  daily rental bookings for busy HR managers.

Corporate Vehicle Rentals allows HR managers to place, view and amend vehicle hire bookings at any time of the day over the Internet.

It provides a nationwide service for car and van rental and longer term hire arrangements, offering a wide range of vehicles, including a green tariff which will promote low emission cars.

Tony Hulatt, managing director at Milton Keynes-based CLM, said: ‘The new online system will enable company personnel to book, extend and cancel daily rental hires online within pre-agreed authority limits, as well as monitoring existing rentals and accessing a comprehensive range of management reporting and invoicing.

‘Daily rental booking is typically an HR function within an organisation, and our new web-delivered system allows company personnel to make their rental bookings online, as well as receive online billing and reporting, thus helping cut administration time dramatically. 

‘Process and paperwork have generally been the Achilles heel of daily rental as far as corporate users are concerned, but we believe the development of Corporate Vehicle Rentals will remove much of this administrative burden and frustration from our corporate clients,’ he said

“We are launching Corporate Vehicle Rentals in response to the demands of our customers who increasingly want tailor-made daily rental solutions for their business requirements,” he added.


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