Colleagues list traits which can hijack meetings

Constant interruptions and incessant waffling are the worst aspects of
meetings according to a poll of UK office workers.

More than a quarter of those questioned claimed that people interrupting
meetings was their pet hate, while a further 22 per cent said they hated
persistent waffling.

Sixteen per cent said colleagues who tried to dominate meetings were their
top ‘meeting menace’, but one in five choose staff that tried to kill ideas as
the most irritating.

The survey was commissioned by learning firm Video Arts, which then compiled
a range of profiles including the waffler, the dominator, the idea assassin,
the turf warrior and the interrupter.

Jeet Khaira, CEO at Video Arts, said that people often don’t realise they
are being irritating in meetings, as behaviour is often based on habit. He also
warned that certain characteristics can have an impact on the success or
otherwise of meetings and business performance.

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