Comfort zone is the key to worker happiness – after pay and job security

Apart from their salaries and job security, employees are most worried about comfort in the workplace, a survey has found.

What Workers Want, a report for estate agent Savills, found workspace conditions to be most important to staff, with 82% of respondents voting comfort, lighting and temperature as key factors.

“Companies are becoming more and more concerned with staff retention, introducing flexible working policies as well as paying more attention to onsite facilities such as gyms and crèches for example,” said Marie Hickey, associate director of Savills.

“Our research would, however, suggest that property fundamentals such as light and temperature are a primary concern, and investors and developers should factor these into buying criteria.”

But the study revealed national messages on fitness and eco-friendly living were failing to have a big impact, as only one in 10 respondents felt a gym at work was important, and just 60% said an environmental or recycling policy was important.

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