Wandsworth prison opens IT skills training centre for inmates

A new prison training academy has been set up to help offenders get jobs when released.

HMP Wandsworth has launched a vocational training centre to enable prisoners to learn basic technology skills and prepare them for employment.

The scheme, in association with computing company Cisco, will train prisoners in cable installation an area of work currently with a skills shortage, according to the government.

On release, offenders will be offered the opportunity to secure employment and further training.

Prisons minister David Hanson said: “Initiatives like the academy at HMP Wandsworth are an inspiring example of how we can use the expertise and knowledge of both the private and public sectors to improve employment opportunities for prisoners on release so they don’t return to a life of offending. That means fewer victims and less crime.”

The National Offender Management Service is working with employers on a national scale to create training and employment opportunities for offenders both in prison and on release.

Last year almost 40,000 prisoners went into training and employment at the end of their jail terms.

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