Companies must get up to date on improved laws on vibration

Most employers are unaware of new stricter standards on preventing vibration
white finger and whole body vibration, being prepared by the EU.

The warning came from the Engineering Employers Federation, at a conference held
with the HSE and the Engineering Construction Industry Association to discuss
ways of reducing risk.

Around 300,000 people have symptoms of vibration white finger and nearly
400,000 are working above the proposed limits governing whole body vibration,
the EEF added.

The priorities are "to keep up with the latest developments, to help
influence the vibration proposals and for people to understand the implications
for their business," said Gary Booton, the EEF’s health and safety

The type of work affected includes percussive metal working, such as
riveting; use of rotary tools such as sanders; percussive hammering and
drilling; use of chain saws and mechanical stapling or nailing. Drivers of
off-road vehicles and fork lift trucks can also be at risk.

The new tighter limits, if adopted by the Council of Ministers, will become
law in the UK.

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