Companies struggle to replace senior managers

more senior an employee is within a company, the more difficult it is to have
them replaced, according to the Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI).

of those firms expecting to recruit to the board over the next six months
believe they will have trouble filling the post.

under half predict difficulties finding good junior managers, but only a third
believe there will be any problem filling graduate jobs.

Recruitment Confidence Index was set up by Cranfield School of Management and
the Daily Telegraph to measure employers’ recruitment expectations and business

Shaun Tyson of Cranfield School of Management said the degree of uncertainty in
the business environment should be making firms especially careful about the
senior people they take on.

are looking for board directors and senior managers who can deliver
immediately," he said.

want performance rather than potential; they want managers with great skills
and a track record. The problem is there aren’t many such managers on the

RCI claims that the present economic slump means that directors are reluctant
to risk a job change. 

By Ross Wigham

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