Company drivers must know risk of drink

Bosses of company car fleets need to clamp down on workers driving after a
heavy night’s drinking, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of
Accidents (RoSPA).

An RAC report showed drivers did not perceive ‘morning-after motoring’ as
being as dangerous as same-day drinking, said RoSPA. And company drivers were
more likely than other motorists to see driving after heavy drinking the night
before as less dangerous, it added.

Charles Davis, RoSPA head of driver and fleet solutions, said: "Fleet
managers have to understand their responsibility to ensure those driving for
them are never over the limit when on the road. It is something that needs to
be looked at as part of a company’s management of occupational road risk

RoSPA offers one-day courses for employees to learn more about issues such
as the strength of alcoholic drinks and how little it takes to be over the

The course also looks at the dangers of taking drugs and driving –
particularly the everyday over-the-counter drugs that can cause drowsiness and
affect concentration.

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