Computer firm reduces costs with e-learning

Computer firm Dell has halved staff training costs and improved access by
moving to e-learning.

The company’s 8,500 staff are spread over 23 European countries – making
traditional classroom-based training sessions difficult and expensive.

Simon Palmer, training and HR operations manager at Dell, said it used to
cost the company almost £20,000 to run a training session, but it is now only
£10,000 due to savings on productivity, travel and accommodation. He said:
"Using e-learning has reduced costs and increased efficiency. Our staff
are based all over Europe and now they do not have to leave their desk to
receive training, whereas before they may have had to travel to another country
and that involves high cost and a loss of productivity."

Training delivered online includes technical job-based training as well as
HR-related courses, including sexual harassment and behaviours training.

It also allows the HR and training team to measure the success of the
training. Despite the massive savings, the company only delivers 60 per cent of
its training online as it believes that not all training is as effective via
the internet.

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