Conflict Management Plus evolves

Conflict Management Plus Ltd the UK’smarket-leading dispute resolution provider, is changing. It is changing its name to CMP Resolutions emphasising the upside of a dispute not the conflict

It now offers acomprehensive and holistic range of services and products encompassing all aspects,using dispute resolution processes to support communication and performance

It now provides‘Turn-Key Resolutions’ for mediation and investigation services designed toprovide clients with implementation deployment and management solutions.

It has undergonean internal re-organisation and expansion to deal with the significant increasein enquiries it is currently experiencing.

“The market for dispute resolution services and training is expanding rapidly”states Katherine Graham, Cmp Resolutions newly appointed ManagingDirector, “accelerated in part by the recent announcement from BIS, theGovernment’s department for Business Innovation and Skills (formerly BERR) asto the benefits of mediation in the workplace.

“We have been at the forefront of thedispute resolution market for over 20 years and we are confident that thechanges we have implemented will ensure we maintain our leadership position.The fact Conflict Management Plus, soon to be Cmp Resolutions, wasawarded the BIS (BERR) contract to profile, recruit and train their internalmediators was an excellent endorsement of the capability and expertise of thecompany and a confirmation of our strategic direction.”


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