Consolidating Network Appliances with Virtualization

Napatech today released a white paper outlining alternative solutions for consolidating multiple network appliances. Virtualization has proven effective in consolidating servers and thereby reducing space and cost in data centers. Now the focus is on consolidating network appliances.

“In a typical data center, there are many dedicated network appliances for network analysis, measurement, security and optimization. These are typically implemented on stand-alone servers and deployed at critical points in the network”, said Erik Norup, President, Napatech Inc.

Napatech’s white paper, “Consolidating multiple network appliances”, examines a number of solutions that allow multiple network appliances to be consolidated onto a single server. This includes the use of intelligent features available on modern network analysis adapters and virtualization.

“Combinations of multiple applications for network analysis in one standard server using intelligent adapters saves cost and power”, added Norup. “It can also be used to support legacy operating systems. For some of our OEM customers, this means a potentially faster path to product launch than re writing applications to run as multithreaded applications under one operating system”.




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