Construction firm bans builders going topless

A construction firm has banned its workforce from going topless on its
building sites in a bid to protect them from skin cancer and other workplace

Somerset-based Bluestone already operates a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for any
employee caught working on site without proper protective safety clothing. This
has now been extended to staff who do not cover up in the sun.

"We want all our people, including our sub-contractors and suppliers,
to have the same safety sense when it comes to sun and skin protection as they
have for wearing hard hats and protective footwear," said John Rawlinson
regional managing director.

"Apart from the risk of being splashed by caustic materials such as
plaster and concrete mixes, construction workers who strip off under the sun
and don’t use sun block are exposing themselves to harmful ultraviolet
radiation which not only burns, but also causes skin cancer," he added.

Skin cancer cases have more than doubled in the UK over the past 20 years,
with construction workers being one of the highest risk groups. More than
40,000 new cases are expected this year in England and Wales.

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