Construction industry shock as YouTube airs potential building site bullying videos

Shocking images of construction workers being beaten, set on fire and indulging in dangerous acts on site have been met with outrage by the industry.

The grainy videos, which surfaced after an anonymous tip-off to Personnel Today’s sister publication Contract Journal, can be found on the video sharing website YouTube.

They appear to show individuals, many wearing hard hats and high-visibility jackets involved in a variety of stupid and dangerous pranks.

For the most part, it is difficult to identify any of the men and their jackets in the videos. But in some sequences of only one of the videos, workers can be seen wearing high-visibility jackets bearing the logo of the major contractor NG Bailey.

A spokesperson from NG Bailey has condemned the practices shown in the videos as ‘utterly disgusting’.

To view the videos, links are provided below.

Please be advised that some of the content is quite disturbing. Personnel Today takes no responsibility for external web site content.

YouTube showing workers being set on fireVIDEO: Labourers set fire to each other’s hard hats and boots






YouTube showing a worker being hit over the headVIDEO: A worker smashes a colleague over the head with a large board





YouTube showing a worker diving into cementVIDEO: A builder dives head first into wet cement





YouTube showing a labourer in a cement mixerVIDEO: A young labourer climbs into a cement mixer




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