Construction industry trails professions in parents’ aspirations for children

The medical and teaching professions top the list of preferred career choices British parents wish for their children, while construction employment trails in comparison, research has found.

A survey conducted by ConstructionSkills, questioning 600 parents, revealed that 41% of respondents wanted their children to become a doctor as a first career choice compared with civil engineer (6%) and a construction site manager (4%).

Moreover, seven in 10 parents feel they have the greatest influence on their children’s career aspirations, while only 13% of respondents rated careers advisers and teachers as the primary influence.

Half of black and Asian parents (53%) claim to have higher expectations of their children than white parents. They are also more concerned about their children’s career choices, as 57% plan on playing a key part in their children’s career decisions, compared to 39% average.

And almost three quarters of black and Asian parents believe that their child will need to work harder to succeed, because of their ethnic origin.

Moreover, a third of parents claimed that learning a trade would be the most useful career path for their child and a further 15% opted for an entry level position that allows on-the-job training.

Paul Sykes, recruitment manager at ConstructionSkills said: “The good news is that 40% of parents said they would be pleased if their child wanted to go into the construction industry and 86% would be proud if their child chose a career traditionally dominated by the opposite sex.

“However, there does seem to be a gap in some parents’ understanding of what the construction industry has to offer and we need to seek to address this. We have a massive skills demand and the industry clearly has some way to go to become a first-choice employer for our graduates and school leavers,” Sykes concludes.

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