Council benefits package to help boost work-life balance

An East Lancashire council is introducing a package of flexible benefits to help retain staff and extend its hours of operation.

Over the next four months, Pendle Council will implement a range of changes to the way its 650 staff work, in an attempt to boost work-life balance.

Steve Traynor, the council’s personnel manager, explained the changes will include an extended flexi-time scheme, compressed weeks, term-time only hours and job sharing.

“Our staff voted overwhelmingly for more flexibility in a recent staff survey and this will help us retain our employees. There are new challenges facing us in local government and it is clear that the standard nine-to-five working pattern is now less relevant,” he said.

The new measures will make the council more flexible by covering more hours and responding to demand for services beyond usual office hours.

The changes also include new arrangements for working from home, leave for paternity, adoption or fertility treatment and career breaks.

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