Council job adverts should be published online to increase transparency, government says

Council job advertisements should be syndicated across the internet to save money, increase transparency and help reduce unnecessary posts, the government has said.

Eric Pickles, the local government secretary, has pledged to work with local government to ensure job vacancies are published online in an open and standardised format.

He said placing adverts in newspapers and magazines could cost organisations up to £10,000, while the adverts often contained job titles that people find difficult to understand.

He said putting job adverts online will drive down advertising costs, make it easier to compare pay ranges within and across councils, and show local people where their council tax is going.

Pickles added the government would also look to publish online information on spending, tenders and contracts over £500.

He said: “Putting jobs online not only shows local people where their money is going, it will mean they can question whether those jobs are really needed at all.”

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