Course helps Budgens’ store dream

Supermarket chain Budgens has
expanded its management trainee scheme to meet its target to open 20 new stores
in the next financial year.

Paul Daynes, senior HR
adviser at Budgens, believes the expanded scheme will improve the quality of
the supermarket’s stores and improve staff retention.

He said, "If we
can train up good store managers then this will reflect the quality of the rest
of the business all the way down."

The scheme recruits
people who are educated to A-level standard, meaning staff in their early 20s
could be running stores.

Daynes said,
"Within two years of completing the course, I would hope that 40 of the 50
trainees would be running their own stores."

Candidates will
undertake placements in two stores, with one day a month spent on skills

Daynes said, "The
scheme is vital if the company is to meet its expansion goal of 20 new stores.
It is vital that we have good quality managers to run these stores."

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