Court action to prevent underground strike

London Underground management is set to take court action
today to try and prevent strikes by tube staff after talks with the RMT union
broke down without agreement.

London Underground is to go to the High Court this afternoon
to seek an injunction.

A London Underground spokesman, said, “Most staff have not
voted to strike and our customers certainly don’t want it. That is why we are
taking legal action. We have a duty to represent our customers’ interests and
intend to provide them with a safe and reliable service.”

Bob Crow, the RMT’s assistant secretary, said he was
astonished London Underground was going to take court action over the planned
strike action, just as further talks were to take place.

He said, “Our members have made it very clear they’re not
prepared to sit back and see London Underground broken up in the same way as
the national rail network, with the same, disastrous effect for employee and
passenger safety. It is time for LUL to listen rather than attempt court

By Ben Willmott


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