Cracks appear in super-union plan

The first splits seem to be forming in the planned ‘super trade union’.

One union is to ballot members about whether to be a part of it amid claims it will be ‘too left-wing’.

Personnel Today revealed last week that union leaders have agreed that the new union, which will have about 2.6 million members, will come into being in January 2007.

It will be formed from an amalgamation of Amicus, the T&G and GMB unions.

However, the Communication Managers Association, which is part of Amicus, believes its members’ interests will be neglected if the union is formed, according to the Times.

The union has about 13,000 members in the Royal Mail, and will shortly ballot them about whether to oppose the merger or to break away from Amicus if it goes ahead.

The super-union is also seen as a threat to the TUC, as it will represent one third of the TUC’s 6.5 million members.

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