CREAT methodology helping change the way the world learns

Enterprise Application Training is one of Tata Interactive Systems’ key offerings to its global clientele and is one of the nine key practices at TIS.

In recent weeks, EAT’s Customised Range of Enterprise Application Training methodology has been attracting a host of clients because of its flexibility and comprehensiveness.

TIS’s CREAT methodology, employed for all its EAT projects, comprises six solution components spanning the entire enterprise application training spectrum, from training needs analysis to custom solution development and post-implementation support.

“CREAT offers end-to-end solutions with a high degree of flexibility both in terms of the development process that can adapt to the client’s business situation as well as the ability to customise content – features that rigid off-the-shelf courses fail to offer,” commented Alan Samuel, head of UK operations for TIS. “This enables CREAT to deliver in-time training that is mapped an organisation’s needs.

“To clients, this means getting their employees up to speed on systems and software applications with minimal productivity losses or downtime.”

TIS has already seen a 200 per cent increase in its EAT revenues during the financial year 2007/ 08.

This has largely been a result of TIS acquiring impressive global accounts, including a telecom leader in Australia, one of the largest communications holding companies in the US, as well as a key strategic partnership with a European major.

The EAT practice has also acquired new clients in the fast moving consumer goods and healthcare sectors, as well as forging partnerships with systems integrators to develop application training.

The EAT practice has designed and developed training for a variety of applications including SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft and Siebel.

It has also developed training on many custom-built applications such as reservations systems in the airlines sector; agency management systems in insurance, and supply chain management systems for logistics.

“One of the key benefits of TIS’s CREAT is the rapid creation of quality products. The EAT Practice has built a tradition of quality-in-time, with TIS delivering over 150 hours of learning for a telecom client within a challenging time-frame of 16 weeks,” said Samuel. “As a comprehensive enterprise application training package, CREAT answers every possible IT training demand.”

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