Creatives serve up new approach to training

Training in creativity is set to have a very different flavour this summer thanks to a brand new business that inspires employees to become more innovative and productive.

Creative Diet – the brainchild of Italian photographer Giulio Mazzarini and British advertising copywriter Phil Woodford – is structured around different ‘courses’, each served up by practising professionals in the creative industries. 

Illustrators, scriptwriters and actors will be joined by a yoga teacher and even a chef, who will share ideas about her recipes and craft during the two-day session. 

“Creative Diet is very different from other creativity courses on the market,” observes Woodford, 39, who lectures in marketing, advertising and copywriting at universities across London. 

“We don’t spend our day creating mind maps or spidergrams.  Our aim is to get people involved in stimulating and practical exercises that move them right out of their day-to-day experience. 

“They can produce a movie storyboard, for example, or write a script that they see performed by actors.  It’s designed to be truly inspirational and unlike anything people usually encounter in the average office.”

The delegates will be advised and guided by people with hands-on experience in the creative industries, says Mazzarini, 34, who himself works on photoshoots for major brands around the world. 

“We’ve handpicked people who are real experts in their field and they’ll be with the group during the day.  We’ll be encouraging delegates to move beyond their comfort zone, so it’s only fair that we provide them with credible guides. 

“At the end of this course, the participants will be thinking in new ways about their work and will be able to approach problems from fresh angles.  We think that many major businesses will see it as a very positive investment – particularly in a challenging market place where ideas are the key to surviving and prospering.”

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