Creativity is key to UK success in global economy

science-driven products and services are key to the future wealth of Britain,
according to Chancellor Gordon Brown.

a raft of enterprise initiatives at an international conference, Brown told
delegates that Britain’s inventiveness and creativity, together with a stable
economy, are vital for success in a more harshly competitive global economy.

announced plans for a national Enterprise Week to be held in November 2004,
with the aim of inspiring young entrepreneurs.

said the British, French and German governments are setting out proposals that
will ensure enterprise takes centre stage in the drive for economic reform in

also announced moves to cut European red tape. British, Irish, Dutch and
Luxembourg finance ministers are today setting out plans to reduce regulation
on the European economy.

told the conference: "I believe that if this country is to achieve its
full potential, government and business must work constructively and creatively

this exchange of ideas – with often different points of view – and through
seeking the broadest harmony, our aim is to forge a shared and long-term
national economic purpose for Britain."

By Quentin Reade

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