Creativity software

• Axon Idea Processor, Axon Research. This is a sketchpad for visualising and organising ideas, creating mind maps, text processing and problem solving.

• CK Modeller, IDON Software. A graphics-based program for recording and manipulating ideas using shapes.

• Corkboard/Three by Five, MacToolKit. This allows you to storyboard using virtual index cards on a bulletin board.

• Creative Whack Pack, Creative Think Software. This is the electronic version of the Creative Whack Pack.

• IdeaFisher, Fisher Idea Systems. A sophisticated program for brainstorming and problem solving, this helps you generate solutions for problems such as marketing strategies and promotion.

• Innovation Toolbox, Infinite Innovations. This program uses many techniques such as random input, the Osborn verbal checklist, brainstorming, analogies and others, all in a problem-solving structure.

• MindMan, MindMan Infocentre. An easy and quick way to create mind maps with graphic features.

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