Crunch time for biscuit debate

Renowned business theorist Meredith Belbin has joined Personnel Today’s
debate on the link between choice of biscuit and behaviour, led by our own
management academic, Guru.

What started out as a light-hearted look at what your biscuit choice says
about you, based on behavioural psychologist Gladeana McMahon’s interpretation
of Belbin’s work, has now spiralled out of control (see p50).

Belbin, however, took time out from his busy schedule to explain his biscuit

"My favourite biscuits used to be Jaffa Cakes. My wife, Eunice, who
monitors my book writing, favours Rich Tea. So far so good," said Belbin.
"But now the theory comes into question. Recently, I have opted for
‘organic’ ginger biscuits," he said.

"A possible explanation is that I feel the need to ‘ginger things up’
in an attempt to reform static and bureaucratic male hierarchies that currently
dominate large organisations. "

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