CSWP brings computing home

The Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Partnership (CSWP) – a cross-sector economic unit – is taking part in the Home Computing Initiative (HCI) via Futuremedia’s Learning for All scheme.

It enables staff within CSWP’s 56 partners, members and corporations, as well as universities and public bodies, to buy an internet-ready PC well below high street prices.

HCI, launched by the Government, aims to help workers and their families develop IT skills. PCs bought under the scheme provide access to facilities such as online learning, e-mail and home shopping.

“We want employees to develop a variety of skills that will not only enhance their business performance, but encourage personal development, opening them up to new possibilities,” says Brian Woods-Scawen, chair of CSWP.

Futuremedia’s Learning for All packages include a choice of PCs or a laptop, multi-functional printer/scanner/copiers, pay-as-you-go internet access, 20 personal learning courses and an online family learning environment.

Kettering Borough Council, the Post Office and Woking Borough Council are among the organisations that have already taken part in the initiative. The Royal Mail has the biggest HCI scheme in the UK to date, with Learning For All being rolled out to more than 21,000 employees.



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