Cullen Scholefield gets the Gold Standard

It’s pretty tough working through the Investors in People assessment and it’s even tougher to set your sights on achieving the top, ‘Gold’, Award.  But Human Resource and Management consultants, Cullen Scholefield, based in Haywards Heath, have done just that – gained Investors in People Gold, one of only THIRTY-ONE organisations in London and the whole of the South East of England to achieve this accolade.

The company offers a wide range of specialist services to Managers and HR professionals ranging through strategic consultancy, continuous professional development and coaching.  It advises many organisations including top FTSE companies and major public sector bodies.

Investors in People is the national standard for people management.  It aims to help businesses achieve their objectives through effective motivation and leadership of their staff.  The standard has now been enhanced so that there are three levels – bronze, silver and gold.  Gold represents the achievement of world-class best practice which shows that an organisation is at the forefront of driving its business forward through its people.  A successful assessment shows that all a company’s people, from the top management downwards, share the highest standards for HR strategy, which let people and the business succeed.

It is only awarded after an intensive assessment process covering around 126 additional checks over the basic Investors in People standard.

Managing Director, Maureen Scholefield, says:  “In a recession, when business is really hard for everyone, well led, highly motivated people are even more important.  As it’s our business to advise others how to successfully make the most of their people, it seemed only right that we should aim for the highest performance standard we could.  Winning Gold is fantastic for us and I’m truly grateful to all my team for showing just how our business objectives can be achieved through our people.”

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