‘Cyber cynicism’ grows as employers remain suspicious of new technology

‘Cyber cynicism’ is taking hold across UK organisations, and employers are failing to capitalise on the business benefits offered by technology, a survey has claimed.

A poll of 1,000 managers aged 35 and under by the Chartered Management Institute and Ordnance Survey found the majority of employers are still suspicious of the internet and modern technology – possibly stunting the growth of Generation Y employees.

Two-thirds of employers were found to monitor employee internet access, with a similar figure blocking ‘inappropriate’ websites. Nearly one in five also impose curfews on internet use.

Yet almost three-quarters of employees said their internet use was for professional development, and more than half said it was useful for research. Nearly one in five described their employers as ‘dinosaurs’ in their approach to technology.

Jo Causon, director, CMI marketing and corporate affairs, said: “Younger managers are growing up with much greater familiarity of technology. Quite clearly, organisations need to harness the comfort levels these individuals have with internet-based resources, because failure to do so will lead to frustration and the loss of top talent at best, or worse, an open door for competitors to build advantage through a better-equipped and enabled workforce.”

Jan Hutchinson, director of HR and corporate services at Ordnance Survey, said: “The low level adoption of new technology is in tandem with employers’ belief that internet use is a time waster. It’s something that must be looked at because the longer this situation is allowed to remain unchallenged, the greater the likelihood UK employers will fall behind their international competitors.”

Meanwhile, unrelated research has found that one in four employees who use the internet visit porn sites during the working day.

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