Davis Langdon adopts Mediaburst’s business continuity tool

Corporate Britain continues to roll out Mediaburst’s business continuity tool with international construction consultants Davis Langdon LLP becoming the latest adopter.

Davis Langdon chose the mobile messaging leader’s web-based tool to provide a trusted and proven Business Continuity solution for use during a traditional Disaster Recovery event to communicate with staff, suppliers and customers. However, having worked with Mediaburst’s consultants, the company also uses the solution to provide initial business-critical communications in the event of the loss of one or more of its Microsoft Exchange servers.

Davis Langdon already had Business Continuity solutions in place for email in the event of a loss of service, but the challenge to the company’s IT department was how to communicate the cut over to the Business Continuity email solution without using email or swamping the Support Centre with thousands of incoming calls.  

“With Mediabust’s assistance, we have implemented a robust communications solution that takes the risk out of this element of the Business Continuity scenario,” says Ant Daykin, Head of Davis Langdon’s I.T. Business Support. “Mediaburst shared their deep knowledge of Business Continuity  with us, and this collaboration enabled IT to deploy possibly the most robust solution on today’s market.”

Mediaburst’s Business Continuity tool is a web-based enterprise-class solution that allows businesses to securely communicate with staff, suppliers and customers  during emergencies. Text messages do not rely on voice channels for transmission, and travel as small packets of data on a wireless carriers control channel   the same portion of the spectrum that keeps a mobile network apprised of a particular phones location and status. Being isolated in the control channel, SMS messages are therefore usually unaffected by heavy traffic or adverse conditions that overwhelm wireless networks during emergencies

“Clearly, we’re delighted that Davis Langdon has adopted our Business Continuity tool,” says Stuart Brown, Mediaburst’s sales director. “This highly-secure and flexible service takes the cost out of possible business downtime during emergencies whatever their nature.”

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