Deloitte launches new scholarship

Deloitte, the professional services firm, has renewed its recruitment drive
and launched a new scholarship scheme to cope with the growing demand for
graduates as markets improve.

Deloitte graduate recruitment partner Sarah Shillingford said: "It’s
definitely a war for talent.

"We are looking to recruit 46 per cent more graduates this year and we
are only one of many players."

Despite this, Shillingford said students and career advisers still have not
realised that the market has picked up.

To cope with increased competition, Deloitte has reviewed its benefits
package and increased starting salaries.

It is also running an innovative new scholarship this year for high-flyers.
Students will work for Deloitte for 30 weeks in their gap year, receiving a
"pretty good salary", a travel bursary of £1,500, and time for
travelling before starting university. During university, they will receive a
scholarship of £1,000 a year, and do four weeks’ paid work experience.

Deloitte, which was ranked number 10 in The Times’ Top 100 Graduate
Employers earlier this month, is also doing more on campus to raise brand

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