Digital training favoured by employers

Digital video, in-house training and short courses and are all emerging strategies when it comes to the way organisations provide staff with learning and development, according to a survey by training firm Video Arts.

The research showed that 58% of organisations now use digital video clips, either through online video streaming or via DVDs, while half (50%) offer e-learning and interactive self-study courses.

Going forward, 54% of organisations intend to provide more training in-house, with 38% planning to increase the amount of online video streaming they use. More than half (56%) intend to offer more e-learning and interactive self-study courses.

Martin Addison, managing director at Video Arts, said: “Technology is opening up new avenues for learning. Digital video and e-learning are growth areas because they are seen as engaging and they make learning available any time and anywhere. E-learning in particular is enjoying a resurgence of interest.”

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