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Q I need some advice on best practice for home leave for assignees. Contractually, the home company offers the assignee four home-leave visits for them or their family per year. The home leave is via business class. Simple as this sounds, this has caused a lot of misinterpretation, generally over: what is the definition of family; whether it’s four visits per family member per year; whether you can downgrade the business class for two or three economy seats; and whether leave can be carried over if it isn’t used.

I need some best practice advice on the administration of home leave. Obviously there is a lot to consider and I want to be as fair as possible to assignees.

A With regard to each area:

  • Generally, family is defined as the immediate family (spouse/partner and their children).

  • No, it’s not four visits per family member per year. Few companies pay flights for other members of the family.

  • Regarding the downgrade of flights, this really depends on the relocation policy, but very often this is not an option.

  • Check your relocation policy and see whether there is anything specific on carrying home leave over. If not, it is at the company’s discretion, but I would not be surprised if the answer was no.


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