Dishonest CVs on the increase

Lying on CVs continues to be a serious risk for employers, with dishonesty increasingly prevalent among 36 to 40-year-olds.

A survey of 3,800 CVs conducted by employee screening specialists The Risk Advisory Group, found that in 2007 the number of candidates submitting multiple lies had increased, with the above age group most guilty.

In this age range, 62.9% of CVs screened contained at least one discrepancy – an increase of more than 10% from 2006. The number of cases with three or more discrepancies also increased by 9% compared with the survey results for 2006.

Discrepancies were particularly prominent in employment and academic dates, fictitious professional qualifications, omitted County Court Judgments, and undeclared directorships.

Sal Remtulla, head of employee screening at The Risk Advisory Group, said: “CV discrepancies are on the increase and becoming more serious. Many we uncover are simple errors of omission, but a significant number will be something more serious, such as bankruptcies, criminal convictions or even fraud against previous employers.

“We recommend that employers re-evaluate their screening programmes and consider re-screening employees in light of this increasing threat,” Remtulla said.

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