DLA’s fulfilling strategy keeps employees

turnover at law firm DLA has been reduced by a third following the introduction
of a training and development strategy that encourages all employees to develop
their potential.

Halton, HR director at DLA, said the company had looked at ways of cutting
staff turnover after it was formed following a merger between Dipp Lupton
Broomhead and Alsop Wilkinson in 1997.

said, “Everybody who left the firm was asked why so we could find out how we
could make things better. We did not want people to leave because they wanted
to build a career, we wanted people to join because they wanted to build a career.”

said the firm had placed a renewed emphasis on career management that would
enable everyone in the firm to receive the necessary training to progress.

starting work in the post room could qualify as a solicitor if they had the
aptitude, he added.

employs 2,500 staff in the UK and Europe.

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