Do IT specialists need HR qualifications?

writes: I graduated with a BA (Hons) in European business with a finance
specialism (there was no HR module at that time) in 1991. Since then I have
worked in several different industries and roles before moving into HR three
years ago. I joined my present company as an HR assistant and am now
responsible for all the HR systems and databases. I have developed our internal
intranet site as the first point of information for all staff on benefits and
policies and I also post all our vacancies on the external site. I have a great
interest to continue with the IT and reporting side in HR but I have no formal
HR qualifications. Should I?

Malpas, joint managing director at Malpas, writes:

can be difficult to get a higher level job within personnel without gaining
CIPD graduateship.  Most job adverts carry this as a requirement and it
does show employers that you have been assessed as professionally safe to
practise. The good news is that with your degree you may be eligible for a
partial exemption from core management. Three years’ experience may offer a
choice of taking a competency assessment route or a learning route. Either
way, you could qualify within two years, and I would have thought that the time
and effort invested would be very worthwhile.

Daniels, director at Carr-Lyons writes:

always say that studying for a CIPD qualification will certainly do no
harm.  If you have the time, and are
committed to being a HR professional, I would certainly recommend looking
seriously at a CIPD qualification, especially if you wish to pursue your HR
career in a best-practice environment.

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